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terça-feira, abril 29, 2008

Adeus. For now.

That leaving feeling - Stuart A. Staples

I get that leaving feeling
this time it's here to stay
I've been weighing up the pulling
and pushing me away.
the past is so heavy
but it's something I can't leave
and this future is so certain
it just pushes me to my knees.

Lhasa :
Is that your heart talking
or just that befuddled mind?
the people that you love
they change when you leave them behind

stuart staples :
But this rope that is pulling
is whittled down to a thread
and if I don't start climbing
pretty soon it'll be over my head

Lhasa :
we all have dreams of leaving
we all want to make a new start,
go and pack a little suitcase
with the pieces of our hearts.
all those worries and those sorrows
we can just toss them away,
buy a coffee and a paper
and those step on to a train.

Stuart Staples :
But I've been too long wandering
limping around this town
with everything that's pulling me
is pulling me further down.

Lhasa :
Go make all your excuses,
go say all you goodbyes
but take a look in the mirror
it's the hardest one you'll ever find.
all those worries and those sorrows
you can just toss them away.
go find a new tomorrow
and forget about your yesterdays.
so go and pat your kids
and kiss your dog goodbye,
leave your keys on the nail
with the sadness that's in your eyes.

Stuart Staples :
Maybe tomorrow, today looks like it's bringing rain
and I'll leave everything in order
I don't want nothing standing in my way
there are jobs that need tending
and the logs that are waiting to stack
and I'll leave everything in order
I don't want nothing that's going to hold me back


Pensei em deixar o blogue em pausa, sem grandes justificações, nem nenhum post especial. Apenas a data. Mas há muito que esta canção estava destinada à página principal deste espaço. E, por isso, aqui fica.


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